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 Whether you’re writing the next epic blockbuster, hip indie, or laugh out loud romantic comedy, we want to read it. We love supporting great cinema and great writers. Some of the world's best films have come out of Toronto and we want to support the next generation of great filmmakers both here and abroad.

About Us

Our mission is to recognize and reward the next generation of great writers and artists by creating a screenwriting competition designed to find them. We believe that we have created a vehicle that will infuse new energy into filmmaking while also creating unique opportunities for emerging new talent.

We are passionate about filmmaking and about nurturing, developing, and supporting the next generation of filmmakers and screenwriters from Toronto and around the world. 

Toronto has a long history of nurturing and showcasing the most talented filmmakers in the entertainment industry. We are an independent screenwriting competition that wants to inspire, support, and develop writers at all levels to make great films that leave others touched, moved and inspired. And we love all kinds of scripts and stories from studio blockbusters to art house fare. No two paths are the same and no two stories are either. We accept scripts from all over the world not just the US and Canada and from artists of all shapes and sizes from anywhere in the world as well.

The Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition is an independent contest. Toronto is home to several prestigious film festivals. We, however, are an independent festival. We are not affiliated with any other film festival, production company, conference, awards ceremony, or government organization located in our city. The Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition is a Cinema Public House production. We are a US based independent festival company that produces festivals all over the world.

The bottom line is that we support the arts, not only locally, but around the world. Our aim is to create a screenwriting festival that will inspire generations of aspiring writers and filmmakers in all genres to tell great stories in the US, Canada, and abroad.

Our aim is to open doors for aspiring screenwriters.

Respect, Exposure, and Laurels

The top 3 writers will be honored as finalists in the Toronto Metropolitan International Screenwriting Competition. Our grand prize winner will be given a consultation package through Roadmap Writers. This will include consultations with at least three industry executives including a one hour consultation with detailed script notes from one of these established industry executives. Our top two finalists will also receive at least one consultation as well. 

Industry Consultations

Our winners have been introduced to some of Hollywood and Canada’s top managers and producers.


Talent Agents


Lit Managers


Feature Film Producers



Toronto is home to a large film community filled with wonderful artists of all shapes and sizes. Some of the greatest films ever made have come out of this great city and it is the aim of our screenwriting competition to embrace that spirit. Toronto is also home to several prestigious film festivals. We, however, are an independent screenwriting competition. We are not affiliated with any other film festival, production company, conference, awards ceremony, or government organization located in our city. We are a fiercely independent screenwriting competition dedicated to recognizing great talent and our aim is to find the best up and coming talent  in the world. Furthermore, all material posted on this website, our parent company's website, and all of our subsidiaries has been copyrighted and cannot be reproduced or archived in any way without our express written permission. 



The Toronto Metropolitan International Screenwriting Competition 

2021's Grand Prize Winner and Finalists


Grand Prize Winner!

The Sorrow Veil - Russ Lindway


Mysteries of Lake Brosno - Sergei Ohkhotin
Strays - Robert Wooldridge

Great Festival. They not only distributed my script, they personally got it to a producer i've been dying to get it to. So happy I submitted!

Loved it! Good people and very supportive!

I just signed with a manager in Beverly Hills!

I LOVE this Screenwriting Competition! Within a week of being notified that my Script was a finalist, they sent it out to 3 management companies and a movie producer!

Excellent festival and organising team! Was wonderful to get a personal call from Toronto to Belfast, Northern Ireland to congratulate me on my script! Highly recommend!

Excellent contest! Any screenwriting competition that can provide its winners with access and exposure to real industry professionals is a contest worth submitting. Few competitions can actually provide this opportunity. Toronto International is the exception!

2021 Semi-Finalists

Cryodog by Daniel Kay

An Angel Whispers by JB Storey

Death of a Revolution by Marshall Ferrin

Nation Building by Jon Oehler

Two Jack Russells and a Revolution by David Strong

Map of your life by Jordan Galland

Dream Life by Jo Lynch-Lawrenson

Raising the Dead by Vanessa Fawn

Pathfinder by Quint Rogers

The Queendom by Olha Onyshko

Winter by Stephen Delos Treacy

South of Good by Randall Reen

Liz Goes Home by Jack Williams

Blood Tartan by Anna Ray-Jones

Long Time Gone by Sam Schichter

Paper Airplane by Brandon Young

Time, Space, and the Poet by John Turner

The Lord Chamberland’s Men by Matt Kelsey

Scandal M.D. by Mark LaBella

A Carol by Rebecca Leigh