Prior Winners

The Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition

I'm honored and thrilled to have my suspense thriller screenplay, THE SORROW VEIL, be awarded the Grand Prize in the 2020-2021 Competition. VEIL has done well in competitions but this result is its highest honor to date. Within hours of the official announcement, I was informed of submission of the screenplay to what will soon be my three industry contact consultations. A day later I was informed that VEIL was submitted to four additional rep contacts. It's been a great experience with a competition director who clearly cares about writers. I am grateful as this particular journey is just beginning. I enthusiastically encourage you to submit your work to the Competition. - Russ Lindway
I’m honored and blessed to be a finalist in this Competition for my screenplay “Strays”. It was sent to 5 contacts within a week of winning. Thank you to Joseph and the team for the fast execution and outstanding communication. Joseph called to let me know the process and keep me informed of each step. Very personal touch. The feedback was helpful and insightful. Best to all! - Robert Wooldridge
Thank you for giving screenwriters a valued and respected platform. I'm encouraged. - Shanna Reed
When praise comes it is such an enlightening experience. your organization should be commended for fostering such a positive experience. Best of luck to you all in your future endeavors. - John Oehler
I am very pleased to have received the finalist award in this competition. But I was even more delighted that the organizers of the festival sent my screenplay to the representatives of the film industry (producers and agents). This is very important. - Sergie Okhotin
Competition was awesome and I encourage all screenwriters to enter this excellent competition! - John Turner
2021's winners were introduced to talent managers and production executives in both New York and Hollywood. Our Grand Prize winner received private consultations provided by RoadMap Writers with three top talent managers in Los Angeles! While our top two finalists met with at least one talent manager each. 

2021 Grand Prize Winner!

The Sorrow Veil by Russ Lindway

2021 Finalists

Mysteries of Lake Brosno by Sergei Okhotin
Strays by Robert Wooldridge

2021 Semi-Finalists

Cryodog by Daniel Kay
An Angel Whispers by JB Storey
Death of a Revolution by Marshall Ferrin
Nation Building by Jon Oehler
Two Jack Russells and a Revolution by David Strong
Map of your life by Jordan Galland
Dream Life by Jo Lynch-Lawrenson
Raising the Dead by Vanessa Fawn
Pathfinder by Quint Rogers
The Queendom by Olha Onyshko
Winter by Stephen Delos Treacy
South of Good by Randall Reen
Liz Goes Home by Jack Williams
Blood Tartan by Anna Ray-Jones
Long Time Gone by Sam Schichter
Paper Airplane by Brandon Young
Time, Space, and the Poet by John Turner
The Lord Chamberland’s Men by Matt Kelsey
Scandal M.D. by Mark LaBella
A Carol by Rebecca Leigh


Final Round reads provided by Coverfly coverage services.


The Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition

I am so honored and excited to have been selected as the Grand Prize Winner for my screenplay, "Six Bullets at Sundown". I have gotten 6 contacts within a week and have an hour long consultation with a literary agent. I couldn't be more pleased by the incredible orchestration and efficiency of how this has been handled. This competition is a must for all emerging screenwriters. - Paul Grammatico 
This is a very important competition. - Stephen Don
It's a great festival! - Colin Caccamise
2020's winners were introduced to talent managers and production executives across the country. They also received consultations provided by RoadMap Writers that included consultations with three top talent manager and development executives in New York and Los Angeles. Our finalists received consultations with one top talent manager each as well. 

2020 Grand Prize Winner!

Six Bullets at Sundown by Paul Grammatico

2020 Finalists

Apples Way by Edward Pionke
Tam Lin by Glen Cram

2020 Semi-Finalists

Retribution by Stephen Don
I’m a Rockstar by Miles Mcalister
The Three Lives of Angel Fleming by William LiPera
The Tactician by Michael Marceau
Parallels by Scott Nelson
Greetings from the Vortex by David Maddox
Antaeus by Colin Caccamise
The Paper Route by Danny Howell
The Mimics by John Saunders
The Scarecrow by Gemma Paul 

The Toronto Metropolitan Int'l Screenwriting Competition

"Great contest! The staff is very communicative and have been so helpful in circulating my script and managers and producers. Within a week of the contest ending, they had already sent my script out and introduced me to more than half a dozen managers and producers. Highly recommend."
"Fabulous festival with quality and professional judges. Will enter again."   
"Thank you so much! I'm dancing with my cat round the room."
"Amazing, kind, helpful and passionate." 

2019 Grand Prize Winner!

Rust - Justin Moran

2019 Finalists

Executed and Risen - Salvatore Bono
Dukkha - Rachana Suri

2019 Semi-Finalists

Worthy by Mary Griffitts
The Way of Dave by David Poulshock
The Secret World of Danny Lopez by Samuel Garza Bernstein
The Coup by Joe Ayella
A Jungle Dark by Courtney Suttle
Little Things Mean a Lot by Michael Monteith
The Beast by Eric Sollars
FOXRUN by Brad Nuber
Timber by Pat Stevens
Twilight Sleep by Alan Lambert
Scuppernongs by Lynne Ashe
The Peter Pan Dream by Chi Hsiu Chen
Great contest! The staff is very communicative and have been so helpful in circulating my script and managers and producers. Within a week of the contest ending, they had already sent my script out and introduced me to more than half a dozen managers and producers. Highly recommend.
I highly recommend this Festival; I had a very positive experience, and festival communications were excellent. I ordered the optional feedback, and the reader's notes were thoughtful and helpful for revisions. I'm very honored that my screenplay... was chosen as a semi-finalist; I plan to submit another script next year.
Outstanding festival. Excellent communication, and was contacted by one of the Directors informing me that I was selected as a top three finalist for my script. I was kept apprised of all activities and next steps in the process. My screenplay was sent to 6 agents/producers for consideration within 72 hours of notification! I highly recommend this festival and will gladly participate in it again! Thank you, TISC Team for make this event very special to me!

2018 Grand Prize Winner

The Outskirts of Paradise - Montgomery Burt

2018 Finalists

Egalite - Michael Head
A Good Marine - 
Tracey Thompson

2018 Semi Finalists

The Lost Tsar by James Rosenfeld
Bison Man by Michael Rhodes
Blackfoot by Wm. Derek Grasty
Hick by Marianna Moneymaker
Face Value by Mike Gallagher
A Century of Dreams by Brian Brockway
Stalag Dixie by L. Morris
Escape on the Danube by Daniel Costa
My Mother Murdered My Father by Josephine Perry
Immaculate by Charlie McNamara
Kananaskis by Brad Himour 
The Chronicles of Valor by Robert B.E. Atkinson
Hallow's Point by Brian W. Smith
Perry by R.J. Watson
The Great Canadian Gold Heist by The Nubers
I LOVE this Screenwriting Competition! Within a week of being notified that my Script was a finalist, they sent it out to 3 management companies and a movie producer!
Excellent festival and organising team! Was wonderful to get a personal call from Toronto to Belfast, Northern Ireland to congratulate me on my script! Highly reccommend!
Excellent contest! Any screenwriting competition that can provide its winners with access and exposure to real industry professionals is a contest worth submitting. Few competitions can actually provide this opportunity. Toronto International is the exception!


Winter 2017 Grand Prize Winner

Oren Weitz - Accidental Angel

Winter 2017 Finalists

Michael J Daly - Forgive Me Not
Hunter Davis - Cogged

Winter 2017 Semi Finalists

Sam Tsembides - Ghost Bride
Shanaya Fastje - Waiting for Infinity
Laurentiu D. Ghiran - Umbrella
Olga Rojer and John McCaslin - Paradise Club
Anthony Salamnon & Ronnie S. Riskalla - Fire Mountain
Peter Haig - A War on Terror
Tom Jenkins - She Came From Outer Space
Kate Langsdorf - Hank and Martha in the Basement
Doc Comparato - Bending Light
Kunal Gupta - The Sniper in the Mist

Jay Jaworski & Lisa  Morgigno - Jaworski - The Music Men
George N. Ennesser & R.W. Pangia Jr. - Rule 35
Kevin Bruce - After Alcatraz: Surviving the Escape
Annie Macdonald and Bob B. Mac - A Gator’s Tale
Skatz Baxter - Ocean Effect
Samuel Lee Taylor - At the Mercy of Faith
Mark Christopher Boyd - Even a Just Man Falls
Robert Cox - The Door
Marina Albert - Maid in America
Russell Beneke - The Island of Blooming Stones
Stephen Delos Treacy - Winter Bird 
Jason Jung - John Q
Hugh Burns - Nine Bullets in Paris
Thomas Nesti - HookUp Cinema
Sabrina Besla - Jolene
Danielle Erlich - Legacy
Phil Kaufman - The Last Game
Robert B.E. Atkinson - Chronicles of Valor: I II & III
Nic Wells - Rewrite

* * *

Loved it! Good people and very supportive!
Great Festival. They not only distributed my script, they personally got it to a producer i've been dying to get it to. So happy I submitted!
Great Festival.  Two thumbs up!
 I just signed with a manager in Beverly Hills!
In 2017, finalist Brian Allen signed with Management 360, one of the top literary managers in Beverly Hills! 
Brian also received consultations with four other top talent managers in Los Angeles. 

Spring 2017 Grand Prize Winner!

It's Not What Happens by John Harris 

Spring 2017 Finalists

Fifth Down by Brian Allen 
Napoleon by Kevin Karp